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Our mission is to apply our knowledge and experience to help you pursue a secure and successful retirement.

You’ve spent years working and saving for retirement.  Financially you’ve probably made both good and bad decisions along the way, but up to this point you’ve probably had time to recover from any mistakes.  However, transitioning from work to retirement is a completely different scenario.  Decisions made at this point are often irreversible and mistakes could prove to be costly.  Furthermore, you don’t have the recovery time that you had when you were younger.  Some of the considerations we can help you with are:

  • When to take social security
  • Which pension option makes sense
  • How to structure investments to produce income
  • In consideration of income taxes and investment risk, how much can be safely withdrawn from investments
  • Addressing the significant impact that long term care expenses could have to your retirement plan
  • Ideas on how to implement your estate and legacy plan

We’ve successfully assisted a number of our clients in navigating through issues such as those above in their retirement quest.  Allow me to state my manta again: 

“Retirement isn’t something you should practice;                          

                             it’s something you should get right the first time”.